Skövde University College

Skövde University College (Swedish: Högskolan i Skövde) (HS) is a university college (högskola) in Skövde, Sweden. It has approximately 11000 students. Lecturers and other educational staff number around 340, with approximately 100 persons in administration as of March 2007. The university college is structured in three departments (since 2004):

  • Institutionen för Kommunikation och Information (informatics, languages, humanities, pedagogy and computer related pedagogy)
  • Institutionen för Teknik och Samhälle (mechanical engineering, economics, social sciences, management studies)
  • Institutionen för Vård och Natur (health services, natural science)

The HS was established in 1977, and one of its educations achieved university status in 1983.

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