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In Xanadu
... and Marco Polo, along with his uncle, set out from Jerusalem on the silk route to Shang-du, to deliver a vial of the holy oil, which was rumoured to be inexhaustible, and therefore kept the lamps at ... with descriptions of most of the ancient sites along the Silk Route, which Marco Polo was supposed to have passed ... The author compares the old time splendor of the cities on the silk route to their present physical and political conditions, and thereby illustrates the changes ...
Historic Trade Routes - Predominantly Overland Routes - Silk Route
... The Silk road was one of the first trade routes to join the Eastern and the Western worlds ... According to Vadime Elisseeff (2000) "Along the Silk Roads, technology traveled, ideas were exchanged, and friendship and understanding between East and West were experienced for the ... Buddhism as an Eastern religion received international attention through the Silk Roads." Cultural interactions patronized often by powerful emperors, such as Kanishka, led to development of art due to introduction of ...
Silk Route (disambiguation)
... The Silk Route is a number of trade routes across the Afro-Eurasian landmass ... Silk Route may also refer to Silk Route (band), an Indian music band ...
Safavid Dynasty - Economy - Foreign Trade and The Silk Route
... Empire and the discovery of the trading route around the Cape of Good Hope in 1487 not only hit a death blow to Venice as a trading nation, but it also hurt the trade that was going on along ... of Hormuz and regain control of this trading route ... long term, however, the sea-born trade route was of less significance to the Persians than was the traditional Silk Route ...
Linxia City - History
... its history, Hezhou often was the crossing of important trade routes one of the alternative paths of the east-way Silk Route, connecting China's heartland with Central Asia, and ... the Song Dynasty period, when the Western Xia took control of the more northerly path of the Silk Route, the more southerly Didao-Hezhou-Xining alternative path of the Silk Route may have become particularly ...

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    In the mountains the shortest route is from peak to peak, but for that you must have long legs. Aphorisms should be peaks: and those to whom they are spoken should be big and tall of stature.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    O bid me mount and sail up there
    Amid the cloudy wrack,
    For Peg and Meg and Paris’ love
    That had so straight a back,
    Are gone away, and some that stay
    Have changed their silk for sack.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)