Sight may refer to:

  • Visual perception
  • Sight (device), used to assist aim by guiding the eye
  • Sight (Keller Williams video), a 2005 concert DVD by Keller Williams
  • Sight (video game), a first-person shooter video game created by FPS Creator
  • The Sight (film), a 2000 television film directed by Paul W. S. Anderson and starring Andrew McCarthy, Kevin Tighe, Amanda Redman, and Michaela Dicker
  • The Sight (film), a 1985 film based on a short story by Brian Moore
  • Sight (film), a 2008 film

In literature

  • The Sight (Warriors), the first book of the Warriors: Power of Three novel series by Erin Hunter
  • The Sight (novel), a book about wolves by David Clement-Davies
  • "The Sight" (short story), by Brian Moore

Famous quotes containing the word sight:

    It was always startling to discover so plain a trail of civilized man there. I remember that I was strangely affected, when we were returning, by the sight of a ring-bolt well drilled into a rock, and fastened with lead, at the head of this solitary Ambejijis Lake.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    I was even more surprised at the power of the waves, exhibited on this shattered fragment, than I had been at the sight of the smaller fragments before. The largest timbers and iron braces were broken superfluously, and I saw that no material could withstand the power of the waves; that iron must go to pieces in such a case, and an iron vessel would be cracked up like an egg- shell on the rocks.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Surely it is one of the requisites of a tasteful garb that the expression of effort to please shall be wanting in it; that the mysteries of the toilet shall not be suggested by it; that the steps to its completion shall be knocked away like the sculptor’s ladder from the statue, and the mental force expended upon it be swept away out of sight like the chips on the studio floor.
    Elizabeth Stuart Phelps (1844–1911)