Sight may refer to:

  • Visual perception
  • Sight (device), used to assist aim by guiding the eye
  • Sight (Keller Williams video), a 2005 concert DVD by Keller Williams
  • Sight (video game), a first-person shooter video game created by FPS Creator
  • The Sight (film), a 2000 television film directed by Paul W. S. Anderson and starring Andrew McCarthy, Kevin Tighe, Amanda Redman, and Michaela Dicker
  • The Sight (film), a 1985 film based on a short story by Brian Moore
  • Sight (film), a 2008 film

In literature

  • The Sight (Warriors), the first book of the Warriors: Power of Three novel series by Erin Hunter
  • The Sight (novel), a book about wolves by David Clement-Davies
  • "The Sight" (short story), by Brian Moore

Famous quotes containing the word sight:

    Everything I do is done within sight of the Führer, so that my faults or mistakes are never hidden from him. I do my very utmost to live and act in such a manner that the Führer should remain satisfied with me; I am hard-working; but whether I shall always be able to cope with the tasks entrusted to me in the future as well, is an open question.
    Martin Bormann (1900–1945)

    Well, if it isn’t Aurora Ratchett, goddess of the dawn, a sight for sore eyes.... I always think of Ebenezer Pritchett, the day he led that last charge at Shiloh. There was a gallant trooper, your father. You know, there went a man of quality. There went the flower of the South.
    Laurence Stallings (1894–1968)

    ...I will not be a sight gag for anybody. I will not do anything degrading to myself or other fat people.
    Darlene Cates (b. c. 1947)