Shear Zone

A shear zone is a very important structural discontinuity surface in the Earth's crust and upper mantle. It forms as a response to inhomogeneous deformation partitioning strain into planar or curviplanar high-strain zones. Intervening (crustal) blocks stay relatively unaffected by the deformation. Due to the shearing motion of the surrounding more rigid medium, a rotational, non co-axial component can be induced in the shear zone. Because the discontinuity surface usually passes through a wide depth-range, a great variety of different rock types with their characteristic structures are produced.

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Shear Zone - Importance
... The importance of shear zones lies in the fact that they are major zones of weakness in the Earth's crust, sometimes extending into the upper mantle ... Shear zones can host economically viable mineralizations, examples being important gold deposits in Precambrian terranes ...
Shear (geology) - Shear Zone
... A shear zone is a tabular to sheetlike, planar or curviplanar zone composed of rocks that are more highly strained than rocks adjacent to the zone ... but it may be difficult to place a distinct fault plane into the shear zone ... Shear zones may form zones of much more intense foliation, deformation, and folding ...
Lineation (geology) - Stretching Lineations
... This is parallel with the direction at which a shear zone or shearing force is stretching the rock ... flattened and then stretched by movement along a ductile shear zone within which this outcrop resides ... stretched along the direction of movement of this shear zone, attaining their current somewhat flattened cigar-shaped form ...
Cameroon Line - Geology - Surrounding Plate
... The Central African Shear Zone (CASZ), a lineament that extends from the Sudan to coastal Cameroon, runs under the continental section of the Cameroon line ... It is visible in the Foumban Shear Zone, which was active before and during the opening of the South Atlantic in the Cretaceous period ... The western end of the shear zone is obscured by the volcanoes of the Cameroon line, but based on reconstruction of the configuration of South America before it separated from Africa ...

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