Shape Parameter

In probability theory and statistics, a shape parameter is a kind of numerical parameter of a parametric family of probability distributions.

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Probability Plot Correlation Coefficient Plot - Definition
... coefficient Horizontal axis Value of shape parameter ... That is, for a series of values of the shape parameter, the correlation coefficient is computed for the probability plot associated with a given value of the shape ... These correlation coefficients are plotted against their corresponding shape parameters ...
Q-Q Plot - Interpretation
... For distributions with a single shape parameter, the probability plot correlation coefficient plot (PPCC plot) provides a method for estimating the shape parameter – one simply computes the ...
Gamma Distribution
... theory and statistics, the gamma distribution is a two-parameter family of continuous probability distributions ... different parameterizations in common use With a shape parameter k and a scale parameter θ ... With a shape parameter α = k and an inverse scale parameter β = 1⁄θ, called a rate parameter ...

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