Service Charge

  • (noun): A percentage of a bill (as at a hotel or restaurant) added in payment for service.
    Synonyms: service fee

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To Insure Prompt Service - Tipping By Region - Central and South America - Brazil
... A service charge (gorjeta) of 10% is usually added to a bill at a restaurant that offers table service ... The charge is optional but it is very uncommon for a patron not to pay it ... Some people choose to give a little more for excellent service, but it's never required ...
Overview of The Telepass System - Cost
... The quarterly service charge for Telepass Family and Telepass with ViaCard is EUR 3.75 ... toll incurred in a quarter exceeds EUR 258.23, the service charge is increased to EUR 3.72 per month until the toll incurred in a quarter falls to below EUR 258.23 ... The initial service charge for Telepass Ricaricabile is EUR 55.00 plus Italian VAT ...

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    Well done, good and trustworthy slave; you have been trustworthy in a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master.
    Bible: New Testament, Matthew 25:21.

    Civilization is a process in the service of Eros, whose purpose is to combine single human individuals, and after that families, then races, peoples and nations, into one great unity, the unity of mankind. Why this has to happen, we do not know; the work of Eros is precisely this.
    Sigmund Freud (1856–1939)