Separator can refer to:

  • Cream separator, separates cream from milk
  • Community separator, a term of urban planning
  • Separator (oil production), of an oil production plant
  • Vapor-liquid separator, separates a vapor-liquid mixture
  • Demister (vapor), removal of liquid droplets entrained in a vapor stream
  • Separator (electricity), a porous or ion-conducting barrier used to separate anode and cathode in electrochemical systems, also known as diaphragm
  • Planar separator theorem, a theorem in graph theory
    • Vertex separator, a notion in graph theory
  • A mathematical sign used to separate the integer part from the fractional part of a number. For example, the decimal separator and the binary separator
  • A synonym of delimiter in computer parlance
  • Orthodontic spacer, also known as orthodontic separators
  • Four of the C0 and C1 control codes used in digital character encoding

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Seed Separator
... A seed separator is a structure found in the follicles of some Proteaceae ... These follicles typically contain two seeds, with a seed separator between them ... The seed separator is nothing but a little chip of wood, but in some cases it serves an important function in serotinous species, the follicles open only in ...
Separator (oil Production) - Flow Measurements in Oil and Gas Separators
... The direction of flow in and around a separator along with other flow instruments are usually illustrated on the Piping and instrumentation diagram, (P ID) ... research into the design and development of separators for a three-phase flow system ... flow behaviour in a three-phase oil and gas separator ...
Tac (Unix)
... b, --before attach the separator before instead of after -r, --regex interpret the separator as a regular expression -s, --separator=STRING use ...
Steam Separator
... A Steam separator, sometimes referred to as a moisture separator, is a device for separating water droplets from steam ... The simplest type of steam separator is the steam dome on a steam locomotive ...
Supersonic Gas Separation - Advantages and Application
... The Supersonic Gas Separator recovers part of the pressure drop needed for cooling and as such has a higher efficiency than a JT valve in all conditions of operation ... The Supersonic Gas Separator can in many cases have a 10 - 20% higher efficiency than a Turboexpander ... The Supersonic Separator has a smaller footprint and a lower weight than a Turboexpander or Contactor columns ...