Separable Verb

A separable verb is a verb that is composed of a lexical core and a separable particle. In some sentence positions, the core verb and the particle appear in one word, whilst in others the core verb and the particle are separated. The particle cannot be accurately referred to as a prefix because it can be separated from the core verb. German, Dutch, and Hungarian are notable for having many separable verbs. Separable verbs challenge theories of sentence structure because when they are separated, it is not evident how the compositionality of meaning should be understood.

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Separable Verb - Structural Analysis
... Separable verbs challenge the understanding of meaning compositionality because when they are separated, the two parts do not form a constituent ... not apparent what sort of syntactic unit the verb and its particle build ... as opposed to SVO) and that when separation occurs, the lexical verb has moved out of the clause final position to a derived position further to the left ...

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