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Challenge–response Spam Filtering - Criticisms - Challenges Sent To Forged Email Addresses
... Spammers can use a fake, non-existent address as sender address (in the From field) in the e-mail header, but can also use a forged, existing sender address (a valid, but an ... C/R systems challenging a message with a forged sender address would send their challenge as a new message to the person whose address was forged ... shift the burden from the person who would have received the spam to the person whose address was forged ...
Mail Submission Agent - Protocol - Policy Enforcement
6409 contains some optional features Enforce submission rights guarantees that the envelope sender address is valid and authorized with the used authentication ... May add sender permits to add a Sender address header field if the envelope sender address does not match any author address in the "From" header field ... This roughly complies with the Sender ID model specified in RFC 4406 - ignoring the tricky case of Resent-From header fields not covered in RFC 6409 ...

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