Segregation or segregate refers to setting apart or separating things or people and may refer to:

  • Geographical segregation
  • Magnetic-activated cell sorting
  • Mendel's law of segregation
  • Particle segregation
  • Racial segregation
    • Racial segregation in the United States, a specific period in U.S. history
    • Racial segregation in Atlanta
  • Religious segregation
  • Residential segregation
  • Security segregation
  • Segregate (taxonomy)
  • Segregated cycle facilities
  • Segregation in materials
  • Sex segregation
    • Sex segregation in Islam
  • Segregation of trails

Other articles related to "segregation":

Single-gender World - Gender Segregation
... Segregation of genders is another relatively common trope of speculative fiction--physical separation can result in societies that are essentially single-gender, although the majority of such works focus on ... Sometimes the segregation is social, and men and women interact to a limited extent ...
Segregation In Materials - Why Is Segregation Important?
... Segregation of a solute to surfaces and grain boundaries in a solid produces a section of material with a discrete composition and its own set of properties that can ... Segregation to grain boundaries, for example, can lead to grain boundary fracture as a result of temper brittleness, creep embrittlement, stress relief cracking of weldments, hydrogen embrittlement ... Very interesting and important field of study of impurity segregation processes involves AES of grain boundaries of materials ...
LGBT People In Prison - Segregation
... For their own safety, LGBT people in prison are sometimes placed in administrative segregation or protective custody ...
Segregation In Materials - Kinetics of Segregation
... In some situations where segregation is important, the segregant atoms do not have sufficient time to reach their equilibrium level as defined by the above ... The kinetics of segregation become a limiting factor and must be analyzed as well ... Most existing models of segregation kinetics follow the McLean approach ...
Segregation In Materials - Theories of Segregation - The Free Energy of Surface Segregation in Binary Systems
... The Langmuir-McLean equation for segregation, when using the regular solution model for a binary system, is valid for surface segregation (although ... The free energy of surface segregation is ... The surface segregation enrichment ratio increases when the solute atom size is larger than the matrix atom size and when the melting point of the solute is lower than that ...

Famous quotes containing the word segregation:

    Segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever!
    George C. Wallace (b. 1919)