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Samsung Sens - Series
... M- This series includes laptop computers with large screens (17"~19") and faster processors(Core 2 Duo), graphic cards, etc ... is Samsung's newly launched netbook line-up, with the emphasis on keeping size, weight and cost to a minimum ... has the characteristics of portable laptops long battery life, small screen size, rather thin and light ...
Play TV - Features
... Screen size can also be changed ... Screen size can also be changed ... Manuals PlayTV displays an on-screen manual ...
Head-mounted Display - Performance Parameters
25°) so often manufacturers will quote an apparent screen size ... Most people sit about 60 cm away from their monitors and have quite a good feel about screen sizes at that distance ... To convert the manufacturer's apparent screen size to a desktop monitor position, just divide the screen size by the distance in feet, then multiply by 2 ...
Coffee Production In Kenya - Screen Size
... Grades are assigned based on the screen size of the bean ... Beans with a screen size of 17 or 18 (17/64 or 18/64 of an inch) are assigned the grade AA, generally the largest bean ... While the large bean size is considered by many to be a sign of quality, it is important to note that it is only one of many factors in determining high quality coffee ...

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    Learn to shrink yourself to the size of the company you are in. Take their tone, whatever it may be, and excell in it if you can; but never pretend to give the tone. A free conversation will no more bear a dictator than a free government will.
    Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl Chesterfield (1694–1773)

    We like the chase better than the quarry.... And those who philosophize on the matter, and who think men unreasonable for spending a whole day in chasing a hare which they would not have bought, scarce know our nature. The hare in itself would not screen us from the sight of death and calamities; but the chase, which turns away our attention from these, does screen us.
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