Science Fiction Fandom

Science fiction fandom or SF fandom is a community or fandom of people actively interested in science fiction and fantasy and in contact with one another based upon that interest. SF fandom has a life of its own, but not much in the way of formal organization (although clubs such as the Futurians, the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, and the National Fantasy Fan Federation are recognized features of fandom).

Most often called simply "fandom" within the community, it can be viewed as a distinct subculture, with its own rituals and jargon; marriages and other relationships among fans are common, as are multi-generation fannish families.

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... Mason is best known in worldwide science fiction fandom for her illustrations in the fanzine Plokta and elsewhere, some of which have been collected in the chapbook I ...
Mundane - In Popular Culture
... Some western cultural examples In science fiction fandom, some fans classify all non-fans as "mundanes." In historical reenactment groups such as the Society for ... In the science fiction television series Babylon 5, telepathic humans (especially Psi Corps members) classify all non-telepathic humans as "mundanes" ... series), and was deliberately chosen to mirror the classification in science fiction fandom ...
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... Serious admirers and fans of Tolkien came into existence within science fiction fandom soon after the publication of The Fellowship of the Ring ... Tolkien was soon being discussed in various science fiction fanzines and apazines, both as continuing threads of comment (Robert Lichtman’s Psi Phi carried on a debate about possible film ... An organized Tolkien fandom organization called "The Fellowship of the Ring" came together at a 49-minute meeting during Pittcon, the 18th World Science Fiction Convention in Pittsburgh on ...
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... Warner wrote two book-length histories of fandom, essential references in the field All Our Yesterdays (ISBN 1-886778-13-2), covering the 1940s, first published in 1969, and A Wealth of Fable (ISBN 0-9633-099-0-0 ...
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... While still in his teens in the early 1950s, he became active in science fiction fandom's fanzine and convention culture, as both a fan writer and fan artist ... During this period Reamy began to experiment with writing fantasy and science fiction stories ... Reamy, along with transplanted Texan Orville Mosher, founded the first organized science fiction fan club in Texas The Dallas Futurian Society (DFS), so named after the earlier New York Futurians ...

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    Copernicanism and other essential ingredients of modern science survived only because reason was frequently overruled in their past.
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    We ignore thriller writers at our peril. Their genre is the political condition. They massage our dreams and magnify our nightmares. If it is true that we always need enemies, then we will always need writers of fiction to encode our fears and fantasies.
    Daniel Easterman (b. 1949)