Schlafly can refer to:

  • The brand name of beers produced by the Saint Louis Brewery, Inc
  • Andrew Schlafly, son of Phyllis Schlafly, and founder of Conservapedia
  • Hubert Schlafly, co-inventor of the teleprompter
  • Larry Schlafly, American baseball player
  • Phyllis Schlafly, American conservative activist
  • Thomas Schlafly, founder of the Saint Louis Brewery

Not to be confused with:

  • Ludwig Schläfli, Swiss mathematician
  • Ungeküsst soll man nicht schlafen gehn

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Andrew Schlafly - Conservapedia
... Schlafly created the wiki-based encyclopedia Conservapedia in November 2006 ... reported by Shawn Zeller of Congressional Quarterly, Schlafly became concerned about perceived bias after Wikipedia editors repeatedly undid edits to the article about the 2005 Kansas evolution hearings ... Schlafly expressed hope that Conservapedia would become a general resource for American educators and a counterpoint to the liberal bias that he perceived in Wikipedia ...
Andrew Schlafly
... Andrew Layton "Andy" Schlafly (born April 27, 1961) is a conservative American lawyer, activist and homeschool teacher, best known as the founder ... son of conservative activist and lawyer Phyllis Schlafly ... Schlafly was the lead counsel for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons' efforts to bring the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act before the United States ...
Conservapedia - Reception - Lenski Dialogue
... Schlafly contacted Lenski to request the data ... that the relevant data was in the paper and that Schlafly fundamentally misunderstood it ... Schlafly wrote again and requested the raw data ...
Conservapedia - Editorial Viewpoints and Policies - Comparison To Wikipedia
... Shortly after its launch in 2006, Schlafly described the site as being competition for Wikipedia, saying "Wikipedia has gone the way of CBS News ... Launching the online encyclopedia project, Schlafly asserted the need for an alternative to Wikipedia due to editorial philosophy conflicts ... In response to Wikipedia's core policy of neutrality, Schlafly has stated "It's impossible for an encyclopedia to be neutral ...
Andrew Schlafly - Dialogue With Richard Lenski
... coli bacteria over 10,000 generations, was engaged in correspondence by Schlafly about the results in 2008 ... Conservapedia supports creationism and Schlafly disputed that bacteria could evolve via beneficial mutations ... Schlafly was criticized by Lenski and on sites such as Ars Technica for not reading Lenski's paper properly, for not understanding the experimental data he requested, and for not taking notice of ...