Schema may refer to:

  • Model (abstract)
  • Diagram
    • Schematic, a diagram that represents the elements of a system using abstract, graphic symbols

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Schema Evolution
... In computer science, schema evolution refers to the problem of evolving a database schema to adapt it to a change in the modeled reality ... The problem is not limited to the modification of the schema ... It, in fact, affects the data stored under the given schema and the queries (and thus the applications) posed on that schema ...
Self-schema - References
... Role of schemas in personality ... True and false recall and dissociation among maltreated children The role of self-schema ... Self schema ...
Schema - Electrical Engineering
... Electrical schematic, a wiring diagram of an electrical circuit Schema may also refer to Great Schema, a degree of Orthodox monasticism Stereotype, a set of associated behaviors ...
Schema (genetic Algorithms) - Description
... The schema 1**0*1 describes the set of all words of length 6 with 1's at the first and sixth positions a 0 at the fourth position ... The order of a schema is defined as the number of fixed positions in the template, while the defining length is the distance between the first and last specific ... The fitness of a schema is the average fitness of all strings matching the schema ...
Self-schema - Sexual Schema
... Schemas can be viewed as a cognitive framework that organizes the relationship between external social stimuli and one’s behavioral reactions ... Sexual schema is defined as a cognitive generalization about the sexual aspects of the self ... Women and men experience sexual self-schema in their own ways ...