Saturn I - Saturn I Launches

Saturn I Launches

Serial number Mission Launch date Notes
SA-1 SA-1 October 27, 1961 First test flight. Block I. Suborbital. Range 398 km, Apogee 136.5 km. Apogee Mass 115,700 lb (52,500 kg).
SA-2 SA-2 April 25, 1962 Second test flight. Block I. Suborbital. 86,000 kg water released at apogee of 145 km.
SA-3 SA-3 November 16, 1962 Third test flight. Block I. Suborbital. 86,000 kg water released at apogee of 167 km.
SA-4 SA-4 March 28, 1963 Fourth test flight. Block I. Suborbital. Dummy SIV second stage. Apogee 129 km, range 400 km.
SA-5 SA-5 January 29, 1964 First live S-IV second stage. First Block II. First to orbit (760 by 264) km. Mass 38,700 lb (17,550 kg). Decayed 30 April 1966. JFK identified this launch as the one which would place US lift capability ahead of the Soviets, after being behind since Sputnik.
SA-6 A-101 May 28, 1964 First Apollo boilerplate CSM launch. Block II. Orbit 204 by 179 km. Mass 38,900 lb (17,650 kg). Apollo BP-13 Decayed 1 June 1964.
SA-7 A-102 September 18, 1964 Second Apollo boilerplate CSM launch. Block II. Orbit 203 by 178 km. Mass 36,800 lb (16,700 kg). Apollo BP-15 Decayed 22 September 1964.
SA-9 A-103 February 16, 1965 Third Apollo boilerplate CSM; first Pegasus micrometeoroid satellite. Orbit 523 by 430 km. Mass 3,200 lb (1,450 kg). Pegasus 1 Decayed 17 September 1978. Apollo BP-26 Decayed 10 July 1985.
SA-8 A-104 May 25, 1965 Fourth Apollo boilerplate CSM; second Pegasus micrometeoroid satellite. Orbit 594 by 467 km. Mass 3,200 lb (1,450 kg). Pegasus 2 Decayed 3 November 1979. Apollo BP-16 Decayed 8 July 1989.
SA-10 A-105 July 30, 1965 Third Pegasus micrometeoroid satellite. Orbit 567 by 535 km. Mass 3,200 lb (1,450 kg). Pegasus 3 Decayed 4 August 1969. Apollo BP-9A Decayed 22 November 1975.

For further launches of Saturn-1 series vehicles, see the Saturn IB page.

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