Santiago De Cuba - Natives and Residents

Natives and Residents

  • Desi Arnaz - television/film actor, producer and bandleader
  • Emilio Bacardí - industrialist and philanthropist
  • Orestes Destrade -professional baseball Player
  • Emilio Estefan - music producer and husband of singer Gloria Estefan
  • Ibrahim Ferrer - musician
  • Sindo Garay - musician
  • José María Heredia y Heredia - poet
  • Pancho Herrera- professional baseball player
  • Alberto Juantorena - Olympic gold medallist, 1976 Olympics
  • Faizon Love - television/film actor, comedian
  • Konnan - professional wrestler
  • Olga Guillot - singer
  • La Lupe - salsa singer
  • Antonio Maceo Grajales - independence hero
  • Rita Marley- singer and wife of reggae singer Bob Marley
  • José Martí - independence hero; interred in Santiago de Cuba
  • Miguel Matamoros - musician
  • Eliades Ochoa - musician
  • Frank Pais - revolutionary and urban organizer for the 26th of July Movement
  • Richard Pérez-Peña - New York Times reporter
  • Jorge Reyes - author
  • Esteban Salas y Castro - Baroque composer
  • Ñico Saquito (Benito Antonio Fernández Ortiz) - musician and trova composer
  • Compay Segundo - musician
  • Antonio Maceo
    Cuban Independence soldier

  • Frank País
    Cuban revolutionary

  • Desi Arnaz

  • Compay Segundo

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