Samoan may refer to:

  • Something of, from, or related to the Samoan Islands, an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean
    • Something of, from, or related to Samoa, a country encompassing the western part of the Samoan Islands
    • Something of, from, or related to American Samoa, a United States territory in the Samoan Islands
  • Samoan language, the native language of the Samoan Islands
  • Samoans, a Polynesian ethnic group of the Samoan Islands

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Samoan Assemblies Of God In New Zealand Incorporated - Controversy
... was under-going court cases and was fighting for assets, mainly the Samani Pulepule Centre the Samoan Assemblies of God Headquarters in Mangere, Auckland which seats up to 4,000 and contains the National ... In 2005 when the Samoan Assemblies of God formed an incorporated society, AOGNZ suspended all pastors credentials, and stripped their membership as a New Zealand Assemblies of God fellowship ... That same year in December, the Samoan Assemblies of God had a special service at the Samani Pulepule Centre with World leaders of the Assemblies of God ...
Samoan Nationality Law - Obtention of Citizenship
... Ghanaian Indian Malaysian Maltese New Zealand Pakistani Samoan Singaporean South African Tongan Irish citizens in the UK Classes of citizens and subjects British Citizen British ... A person born in Samoa of at least one Samoan parent is automatically entitled to Samoan citizenship ... by descent, provided that at least one of his or her parents is a Samoan citizen other than by descent, or that the parent in question is a Samoan citizen by descent who has lived in Samoa at ...
Samoan Assemblies Of God In New Zealand Incorporated - Pentecostal Denominations Birthed From The Samoan Assemblies of God
... of Samoa Alofa Tunoa Pentecostal Ministries Bible Study Samoan Church First Samoan Assembly of Christ First Samoan Full Gospel Pentecostal Church Incorporated Good Samaritan Church of Jesus Christ Kingdom ...
Samoan New Zealander - Culture
... In 2001, 64% of ethnic Samoan New Zealanders were able to speak the Samoan language ... Samoan is the third most-spoken language in New Zealand, behind English and Maori ... Samoan cultural values, the "Samoan way of life" (fa‘asamoa), are reportedly retained particularly by elderly members of the community, and include respect and mutual help within the extended family ...
Samoan New Zealander
... Samoan New Zealanders are Samoan immigrants in New Zealand, their descendants, and New Zealanders of Samoan ethnic descent. 131,103 New Zealanders identified themselves as being of Samoan ethnicity, 50,649 stated they were born in Samoa, and 489 stated they were born in American Samoa. 3.2% of New Zealand's population is of Samoan descent, as of 2006 ...