Saint Seiya Myth Cloth

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth (聖闘士聖衣神話, Seinto Seiya Kurosu Maisu?) is a popular toy-line from Bandai based on the Saint Seiya franchise, originated by Masami Kurumada's manga . The title of the merchandise is also known as 'Saint Myth Cloth', 'Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Legend', but the general consensus usually refer to the aforementioned title. It was originally intended to release 'only' the 5 Bronze Saints to commemorate the series 12th anniversary and for the anticipated Hades Arc OVA in the year 2003. (Hades — Chapter Sanctuary, 2003)

Since its introduction in 2003, the line-up has spawn to mostly all the characters in the Saint Seiya universe and has gain mostly positive reviews from old and new collectors as well as fans. Aside from normal releases, limited editions, and characters from Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas has also been introduced to the line-up. The figure(s) having a vast improvement over the '80s vintage figures, introduces better articulation and is capable of posing and revoking some of the action portrayed by the characters in the animation; and the high detailed molding and sculpting produce a highly detailed resemblance of the characters seen in the animation as well. Due to all the new technology and high end approach in molding and sculpting, Saint Cloth Myth figures are costly compared to its predecessor but that does not stop its success and demand. Like most of Bandai's merchandise, the line-up is mainly targeted towards a mature and male demographic, but there are also female fans who collect them as well. Sales and demand has surpassed their predecessors and is still growing strong.

In 2007, Bandai released a 'side' line-up called Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Appendix. The line-up is focused on half size bust of the characters, characters in their casual outfits, and Pandora boxes for the cloths. Due to the higher detailed and enhanced sculpting for the specific line-up, it is intended to either display it as a half bust size figure or you can change/swap the head and cloth parts with existing Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Legend figures to enhance their aesthetics.

On May 2011 Bandai announced the expansion of a whole new line-up from the Myth Cloth series - Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX & Saint Seiya Cloth Crown. A renovation of the figures for a better mobility and articulation whilst in their cloths too! Both line-up are larger in size, with Crown having the most substantial size difference scaling 12" (30cm) tall! Special effects are included (sold separately) as well as different facial expressions of the characters. Myth Cloth figure(s) aren't just about posing anymore!

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