Running Water

Running Water may be:

  • Running Water, Tennessee, former name of Whiteside, Tennessee
  • Running Water, South Dakota, a community in Bon Homme County, South Dakota
  • "Running Water" (The Moody Blues song) from the 1983 album The Present
  • Running Water Draw, a river in Texas
  • Running Water Stage Station, a former stop on a stage coach route in Wyoming

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Chickamauga Wars (1776–1794) - The Final Years - John Watts
... although The Bowl (Diwali) succeeded him as headman of Running Water, along with Bloody Fellow and Doublehead, who continued Dragging Canoe's policy of Indian ... Some of the older chiefs, such as The Glass of Running Water, The Breath of Nickajack, and Dick Justice of Stecoyee, abstained from active warfare but did nothing ...
Chickamauga Wars (1776–1794) - Peak of Lower Cherokee Power and Influence - Chiksika's Band of Shawnee
... In early 1789, a band of thirteen Shawnee arrived in Running Water after spending several months hunting in the Missouri River country, led by Chiksika, a leader contemporary with ... and his daughter were living at nearby Running Water Town, so they stayed ... They were warmly received by the Cherokee warriors, and, based out of Running Water, they participated in and conducted raids and other actions, in some of which Cherokee warriors participated ...
Saraneth - Magic - Bestiary
... All Dead are averse to both sunlight and running water, which destroy the magic keeping them in Life ... Lesser Dead may be incapacitated by immersing them in running water or by destroying their physical bodies with Charter Magic or explosives ... over hundreds of miles, resisting sun and running water to do so ...
Running Water - See Also
... Tap water Drinking water Water supply Green Grass, Running Water, a 1993 novel by Thomas King "You Left the Water Running", a soul music song ...
Running Water (The Moody Blues Song)
... "Running Water" is a 1984 single by The Moody Blues guitarist Justin Hayward, and it was the final of three singles released from their 1983 album The Present ... previous single from The Present were "Blue World" and "Sitting at the Wheel." Running Water was later released as a single in March 1984, with "Under My Feet," another song ... Voice" "Talking Out of Turn" "Blue World" "Sitting at the Wheel" " Running Water " "Your Wildest Dreams" "The Other Side of Life" "I Know You're Out There Somewhere" "No More Lies ...

Famous quotes related to running water:

    Running water is never stagnant, nor does a door hinge ever get worm-eaten.
    Chinese proverb.