The following people are named Rosenhan:

  • David Rosenhan, a psychologist
  • Schering Rosenhane, a former Over-Governor


  • Rosenhan experiment, a noted experiment conducted by David Rosenhan

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Rosenhan Experiment - The Non-existent Impostor Experiment
... For this experiment, Rosenhan used a well-known research and teaching hospital, whose staff had heard of the results of the initial study but claimed that similar errors could not be made at their ... Rosenhan arranged with them that during a three month period, one or more pseudopatients would attempt to gain admission and the staff would rate every incoming patient as to ... In reality, Rosenhan had sent no pseudopatients and all patients suspected as impostors by the hospital staff were ordinary patients ...
David Rosenhan
... Rosenhan (1929 – February 6, 2012) was an American psychologist ... He is best known for the Rosenhan experiment, a study challenging the validity of psychiatry diagnoses ... Rosenhan received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Yeshiva University ...
Rosenhan Experiment - Impact and Controversy
... Rosenhan published his findings in Science, criticizing the reliability of psychiatric diagnosis and the disempowering and demeaning nature of patient ... psychiatrist Robert Spitzer quoted Kety in a 1975 criticism of Rosenhan's study If I were to drink a quart of blood and, concealing what I had done, come to ... Rosenhan replied that if they continue thinking that you still have an ulcer during x weeks despite having no other symptoms of ulcer, that makes for ...
List Of Aircraft (R) - R - Rosenhan
... (Cort A Rosenhan, Midvale UT.) Rosenhan Model A. ...
Rosenhan Experiment - The Pseudopatient Experiment
... Rosenhan himself and seven mentally healthy associates, called "pseudopatients", attempted to gain admission to psychiatric hospitals by calling for an appointment and feigning auditory ... All were discharged with a diagnosis of schizophrenia "in remission", which Rosenhan takes as evidence that mental illness is perceived as an irreversible ... Rosenhan and the other pseudopatients reported an overwhelming sense of dehumanization, severe invasion of privacy, and boredom while hospitalized ...