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Justin I - Emperor
... the only troops in the city and making gifts of money, Justin was able to secure election as emperor in 518 ... question of the dual nature of Christ and the more general principle of Roman supremacy ...
Basil II - Birth and Childhood
... Basil was the son of Emperor Romanos II and Empress Theophano, whose maternal family was of Laconian Greek origin originating in the Peloponnesian region of Laconia, possibly from the ... Because he and his brother, the future Emperor Constantine VIII (ruled 1025–1028), were too young to reign in their own right, Basil's mother Theophano married one of Romanos ... by his nephew John I Tzimisces, who then became emperor and reigned for seven years ...
List Of Treaties - Before AD 1200
493 BC Foedus Cassianum Ends the war between the Roman Republic and the Latin League ... River in Iberia as the boundary line between the Roman Republic and Carthage. 216 BC Macedonian-Carthaginian Treaty Establishes an anti-Roman alliance between Philip V of Macedon and Hannibal of Carthage ...
Emperor Ninmyō
... Emperor Ninmyō (仁明天皇, Ninmyō-tennō?, 27 September 808 – 6 May 850) was the 54th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession ...
List Of Rulers Of Bavaria - Table of Rulers - Ducal Bavaria
... Charlemagne Emperor 794 ... Carolingian Gerold of Vinzgouw Prefect of Bavaria 799 ... Udalriching Appointed Baioariæ præfectus by Charlemagne ... Charlemagne Emperor 814 ... Carolingian Lothair I Emperor 817 ... Carolingian Louis I the Pious Emperor 829 ... Carolingian In 817, Louis bestowed Bavaria upon his then-youngest son, Louis the ... in 911, and was recognized as such by the German King Henry the Fowler, in 920 Eberhard Duke of Bavaria 938 ... Luitpolding Berthold Duke of Bavaria 947 ... Luitpolding Younger son of Luitpold ...

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    He wrote in prison, not a History of the World, like Raleigh, but an American book which I think will live longer than that. I do not know of such words, uttered under such circumstances, and so copiously withal, in Roman or English or any history.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Even the emperor has straw-sandaled relatives.
    Chinese proverb.