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Katie Roiphe - Cultural Criticism
... Roiphe's second book was 1997's Last Night in Paradise Sex and Morals at the Century's End ... proper role In her 2007 review of the novel Slummy Mummy, Roiphe attracted criticism by posing the question, "But ladies, let's be honest, is it that hard? Aren't ... In her essay, entitled "Elect Sister Frigidaire", Roiphe writes that Hillary Clinton is β€œin many ways the feminist dream incarnate, the opportunity made flesh, the words we whisper to ...
The Morning After (book) - Positive Reviews
... Roiphe doesn't have the answer.. ... β€” New York Sunday Newsday Katie Roiphe writes from the trenches of gender warfare ... β€” Washington Post Book World Remarkable β€” the first intelligent cry of protest from Roiphe's generation against what feminism has wrought in the name of women ...
Anne Roiphe - Career
... Over a four-decade career, Roiphe has proven so prolific that the critic Sally Eckhoff observed, "tracing Anne Roiphe's career often feels like following somebody through a ... Roiphe published her first novel, Digging Out, in 1967 ... Roiphe has since published seven novels and two memoirs, while contributing essays and reviews to The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, New York Magazine, and others ...

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    Most of us don’t have mothers who blazed a trail for us—at least, not all the way. Coming of age before or during the inception of the women’s movement, whether as working parents or homemakers, whether married or divorced, our mothers faced conundrums—what should they be? how should they act?—that became our uncertainties.
    —Anne Roiphe (20th century)

    They want to play at being mothers. So let them. Expressing tenderness in their own way will not prevent girls from enjoying a successful career in the future; indeed, the ability to nurture is as valuable a skill in the workplace as the ability to lead.
    —Anne Roiphe (20th century)