Roger Wilco

Roger Wilco may refer to:

  • A voice procedure in two-way radio
  • Roger Wilco (Space Quest), the main character in the Space Quest series of computer games
  • Roger Wilco (Get Fuzzy), the brother of Rob Wilco in the comic strip Get Fuzzy
  • Roger Wilco (software), a Voice over IP application
  • "Roger Wilco", a song by Shawn Colvin from Whole New You

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Space Quest - Books and Comics
... were released that contained novelizations of the first five games from Roger Wilco's perspective ... It was written from the perspective of Roger Wilco sending journals on disks back into the past, so that his adventures could be made into video ... Each story began with Roger's daydreams and his fantasies of marrying Cornucopia Agricorp and later Beatrice Wankmeister ...
Space Quest - Roger Wilco
... Roger Wilco is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Space Quest series, introduced in Space Quest The Sarien Encounter in 1986 ... Roger is a bumbling if well-meaning everyman character, a spacefaring janitor who has a tendency to attract trouble and stumble into dangerous or interesting ... the player to choose the character's name, which defaulted to Roger Wilco if left blank ...
Time Portal - In Popular Culture - Computer Games
... theme and plot engine in Space Quest IV Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers as the titular character, Roger Wilco, is sent into the future by means of a time rip in order to save his home planet ... Throughout the game, Roger Wilco travels through different time periods in the future to complete various goals by using time-traveling vehicles called "time pods." ...
Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco In The Spinal Frontier - Development
... Space Quest 6 Roger Wilco in The Spinal Frontier ran on the later SCI32 engine Rev 2.100.002 ... Having defeated the diabolical pukoid mutants in Space Quest V, Captain Roger Wilco triumphantly returns to StarCon headquarters - only to be court-martialed due to breaking StarCon regulations ... The game's subtitle comes from the final portion, in which Roger has to undergo miniaturization and enter the body of a shipmate and romantic interest, a spoof of the 1987 movie Innerspace ...