Robert Burns and The Eglinton Estate - The Drukken Steps in Poetry and Music - I Hung My Harp Upon The Willows

I hung my harp upon the willows
When I first made this harbour town
My broken heart by fair Eliza
Still fresh and raw when I came to town

I learned a trade from Alexander
A scoundrel of the first degree
And within the year I was so despondent
That Doctor Fleming well knew me

Oh Eglinton floating on the water
Oh Eglinton the rose was there for me
I hung my harp high upon the willows
Of Irvine town by the sea

On Hogmanay I burned the work down
I found myself without a crown
Oh but I had more than any silver
Cos I had a friend in Richard Brown

In Eglinton wood we'd wander
On the Drukken Steps I would recite
Take your harp down from the willows
Said Richard Brown and he was right

Oh Eglinton floating on the water
Oh Eglinton the rose is there for me
I Took my harp down from the willows
Richard Brown I bow to thee (x3)

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