River Song

River Song

"River Song" may refer to:

  • "River Song" (Dennis Wilson song), the opening track of Dennis Wilson's 1977 album Pacific Ocean Blue
  • River Song (Doctor Who), a recurring character in the Doctor Who TV series
  • "River Song" (Sherman), a 1973 song from the movie Tom Sawyer composed by Robert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman
  • River Songs, the third full length studio album by American band The Badlees
  • River Song: A Novel by Craig Lesley

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Professor River Song
... River Song is a fictional character created by Steven Moffat and played primarily by Alex Kingston in the British science-fiction series Doctor Who ... River Song was introduced to the series as an experienced future companion of series protagonist the Doctor, an alien Time Lord who travels through time ... Because River Song is a time traveller herself, her adventures with the Doctor occur out-of-synchronisation their first meeting (from the audience's perspective) is his ...
Professor River Song - Characterisation - Conception and Development
... Moffat had planned out that River was Amy and Rory's daughter for "a long time" and used "Pond" as Amy's last name to create a link between the two ... For the filming of the sixth series, Kingston was aware of River Song's relationship to Amy and Rory, while the other cast only found out upon reading of the mid-season cliffhanger script for "A Good Man Goes to ... The tragedy for Song highlighted by "The Impossible Astronaut"/"Day of the Moon" is that she is progressing to a point where the Doctor will not know or trust her any more ...
Professor River Song - Reception
... An article published in Metro, entitled "Doctor Who fans love River Song...", noted how praise from fans on Twitter after the airing of "Day of the Moon" focused heavily on Song ... Who guest star, writing, "For my money we’ve seen rather too much of River in the last two series, but there’s no denying Kingston has created a ... Club compared the Doctor and River's romantic storyline to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, based on the F ...
Melody Williams - Appearances - Television
... River Song first appears in the Doctor Who 2008 series two-parter "Silence in the Library"/"Forest of the Dead" (written by Steven Moffat) in the Russell T ... River, who wears a space suit, carries a TARDIS-colour/pattern diary of her adventures, and is a professor of archaeology, is able to convince the Doctor of his ... The adventure in the Library is River's last encounter with the Doctor in her chronology, but is their first encounter in his ...
River Song - See Also
... The River (disambiguation) "River" (song) The Song of the Rivers Song River ...

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    You praised and knew
    the song they made was worthless
    and the note,
    they sung
    was dross.
    Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)

    Sitting in that dusky wilderness, under that dark mountain, by the bright river which was full of reflected light, still I heard the wood thrush sing, as if no higher civilization could be attained. By this time the night was upon us.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)