Richard M. Goodwin - Major Articles

Major Articles

  • "Multiplier Effects of a Balanced Budget, Notes", 1946, Econometrica
  • "Innovations and the Irregularity of Economics Cycles", 1946, Review of Economics and Statistics
  • "Dynamic Coupling with Especial Reference to Markets Having Production Lags", 1947, Econometrica.
  • "The Business Cycle as a Self-Sustaining Oscillation", 1949, Econometrica
  • "The Multiplier as a Matrix", 1949, Economic Journal
  • "A Nonlinear Theory of the Cycle", 1950, Review of Economic Studies
  • "Does the Matrix Multiplier Oscillate?", 1950, Economic Journal
  • "The Nonlinear Accelerator and the Persistence of Business Cycles", 1951, Econometrica
  • "The Optimal Growth Path for an Underdeveloped Economy", 1961, Economic Journal
  • "A Growth Cycle", 1967, in Feinstein, editor, Socialism, Capitalism and Economic Growth
  • "A Growth Cycle", 1972, in E.K. Hunt and J.G. Schwatz, editors, A Critique of Economic Theory
  • "A Note on Wage, Profits and Fluctuating Growth Rate", 1983, Cambridge Journal of Economics
  • "Disaggregating Models of Fluctuating Growth", 1984, in Goodwin et al., editors, Non-linear Models of Fluctuating Growth
  • "Swinging Along the Turnpike with von Neumann and Sraffa", 1986, Cambridge Journal of Economics
  • "The Dynamics of a Capitalist Economy: A multi-sectoral approach," with L.F. Punzo, 1987.
  • "The Multiplier-Accelerator Discretely Revisited", 1988, in Ricci and Vellupilai, editors, Growth cycles and multisectoral economics, the Goodwin tradition.
  • "Swinging Along the Autostrada: Cyclical fluctuations along the von Neumann Ray", 1989, in Dore et al., John von Neumann and Modern Economics.
  • Essays in Nonlinear Economic Dynamics, 1989.
  • Chaotic Economic Dynamics, 1990.
  • "Schumpeter, Keynes and the Theory of Economic Evolution", 1991, Journal of Evolutionary Economics
  • "Nonlinear Dynamics and Economic Evolution", 1991, in Niels Thygesen et al., editors, Business Cycles

For more details on Richard Goodwin's professional contributions see:

1) Nonlinear and Mutisectoral Macrodynamics: Essays in Honour of Richard Goodwin. (ed. K. Velupillai), Macmillan, London, 1989.

2) “The Vintage Economist”, The Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organisation, Vol.37, No.1, Sep., pp. 1–31, 1998.

3) “Richard Goodwin: 1913-1996”, The Economic Journal, Vol. 108, September, 1998, pp. 1436–1449.

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