Retro Studios

Retro Studios is an American video game developer based in Austin, Texas. The company was founded in October 1998 by the video game veteran Jeff Spangenberg after leaving Acclaim Entertainment, as an independent studio making games exclusively for Nintendo. The studio started with four Nintendo GameCube projects which had a chaotic and unproductive development, but Retro's work impressed Nintendo producer Shigeru Miyamoto so much that he suggested them to create a new game in the Metroid series. Eventually the four games in development were cancelled so Retro could focus only on Metroid Prime, which was released for the GameCube in 2002, the same year Nintendo acquired the studio completely by purchasing the majority of Spangenberg's holding stock. Now a first-party developer and division of Nintendo, Retro since then developed two sequels to Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the compilation Metroid Prime: Trilogy, and the revival for another Nintendo series, Donkey Kong Country Returns. The studio also collaborated with the development of both Metroid Prime Hunters and Mario Kart 7.

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Metroid Series - Development - History
... began planning concepts for Super Metroid in early 1990, but his studio was committed to making another game, so developers from Intelligent Systems were brought in to help ... In 1999, Retro Studios, a newly formed second-party developer based in Austin, Texas, was given the project for Metroid Prime ... occasion when they allowed a high profile title to be developed by a studio outside of Japan ...
Metroid Prime: Trilogy - Development and Release
... In 2004, while Retro Studios was finishing Echoes, senior producer Bryan Walker suggested to studio president Michael Kelbaugh to "do something for the fans by putting all the games together on a single disc ... on the compilation started shortly before the release of Corruption, and used only a few of Retro Studios' staff, as most of the crew was busy with Donkey Kong Country Returns ... In April 2011, a copy of Trilogy — signed by Retro Studios staff and the Prime series producer — was auctioned on Amazon, with 100 percent of proceeds to be donated to the relief efforts for the Tōhoku earthquake ...
Retro Studios - Games Developed - Cancelled Projects
... The four initial GameCube projects Retro had before the development of Metroid Prime were cancelled An action-adventure game with the working title "Action-Adventure" ... engine before cancellation, but allegedly inspired Shigeru Miyamoto to hand Retro the Metroid license ... An American football game, NFL Retro Football ...