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List Of Imperial Abbeys
... German Reichsabteien, also Reichsklöster and Reichsstifte) were religious houses within the Holy Roman Empire which had been granted the status of ... Most however (and many of these religious houses had only very small territories) were Imperial prelates (Reichsprelaten) and as such participated in a single ... It was not uncommon for heads of religious houses other than the Imperial abbeys to have similar titles even though their establishments did not have ...
Chronicle Of The Expulsion Of The Greyfriars - Chapter 1 Concerning The Friary in Flensborg
... For they (previously) had as superintendent a citizen from Vejle whose house had burned down ... word 'kloster' is used for all monastic religious houses, equivalent to 'convent' in English which furthermore makes a distinction between friary, priory, abbey, nunnery ... Since information about many religious houses in Denmark before the Reformation is lacking, the word in the Chronicle is translated as friary ...
List Of Christian Religious Houses In Brandenburg - See Also
... List of Christian religious houses in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern List of Christian religious houses in North Rhine-Westphalia List of Christian religious houses in ...
List Of Christian Religious Houses In Brandenburg
... This is a list of Christian religious houses, both dissolved and extant, in Brandenburg in Germany, including Berlin ... Extant religious houses are marked in bold ...

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