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Mugato - Plot
... in the spirit world, Kirk will be unable to refuse Nona anything once he recovers ... Once Kirk recovers, he asks Tyree about the "fire sticks" possessed by the villagers ... to strike him repeatedly until he fully recovers, saying the pain helps him to consciousness ...
Boxing In The 1930s - 1935
... May 10- Tony Canzoneri recovers the world Lightweight title, winning the belt left vacant by Barney Ross, with a fifteen round unanimous decision over Lou Ambers, in New York ... May 28- Barney Ross recovers the world Welterweight title, defeating Jimmy McLarnin with a fifteen round unanimous decision in the third and final installment of their rivalry ... November 15- In their rematch, Sixto Escobar recovers the N.B.A.'s world Bantamweight title with a fifteen round decision over Lou Salica, at New York ...
Fumble - Rules
... If the ball is fumbled the defensive team may recover the ball and even advance it to their opponents' goal ... the offense, but usually when the offense recovers the ball it simply tries to down it ... In American football the offense cannot advance the ball if it recovers its own fumble on fourth down, or in the last two minutes of the game, unless the ball is recovered by the fumbler (there ...
Key Encapsulation - Example Using RSA Encryption
... He then computes the ciphertext corresponding to Alice can recover from by using her private key exponent by the following computation Given, she recovers the ... He then computes the ciphertext corresponding to m Alice then recovers from by using her private key exponent by the same method as above Given, she can recover the symmetric key M by ... An attacker who somehow recovers M cannot get the plaintext m ...
Timeline Of Ulster Defence Regiment Operations - 1974
28 April - 3 UDR mounts a major search operation in Castlewellan and recovers 3 incendiary devices ... May 3–6 UDR recovers a Garand rifle and 27 mortar bombs following an attack on its base at Clogher. 6th Battalion also arrests two men at a VCP, recovers two pistols and in a follow-up operation discovers a 500 lb bomb in the boot of another car at a ...

Famous quotes containing the word recovers:

    The candle
    Gulps and recovers its small altitude,

    Its yellows heaten.
    Sylvia Plath (1932–1963)

    But nothing is better than a truth which appears not to have the semblance of truth. There is always something incomprehensible about the great heroic deeds performed by humanity because they rise so far beyond the mediocre measure of mere mortals; but it is always only because of the incredible feats that human beings have accomplished that humanity recovers its faith in itself.
    Stefan Zweig (18811942)