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Emil R. Unanue - Area of Expertise
... In the late 1970s, it was recognized that T lymphocytes could not recognize antigen directly and instead required an interaction with another specialized cell known as the antigen presenting cell ... called MHC restriction, led to a conundrum namely, that the ability of a T cell to recognize foreign antigen also required that it recognize "self." With Paul M ...
Arthur Lintgen
1942) is a United States physician who can recognize classical phonograph records with a naked eye ... Lintgen sees a vinyl record, he can recognize the music in a couple of seconds ... and contours on the record, he can recognize sections where music is loud or quiet, the length of each movement and so on ...
Auditory Apperceptive Agnosia
... In some cases the deficit is in the ability to recognize spoken words and in other cases unable to recognize environmental sounds ... apperceptive agnosia where patients are unable to recognize music in the absence of sensory, intellectual, and verbal impairments ...
Sam Sneed Discography - Singles - Solo
... Year Song Chart positions Album 1995 "U Better Recognize" 48 ... did not chart Murder Was the Case "U Better Recognize (Extended Remix)" - - - - U Better ...
SIGUCCS - Awards
... Penny Crane Award for Distinguished Service is a high-level award to recognize significant, multiple contributions from individuals over an extended period of time ... Each year SIGUCCS sponsors Communication Awards to recognize outstanding publications developed at college and university computing centers ... These awards recognize excellence in developing useful and attractive publications and provide SIGUCCS conference participants with an opportunity to review model ...

More definitions of "recognize":

  • (verb): Express greetings upon meeting someone.
    Synonyms: greet, recognise
  • (verb): Accept (someone) to be what is claimed or accept his power and authority.
    Example: "We do not recognize your gods"
    Synonyms: acknowledge, recognise, know
  • (verb): Exhibit recognition for (an antigen or a substrate).
  • (verb): Perceive to be the same.
    Synonyms: recognise
  • (verb): Grant credentials to.
    Example: "Recognize an academic degree"
    Synonyms: accredit, recognise
  • (verb): Show approval or appreciation of.
    Synonyms: recognise

Famous quotes containing the word recognize:

    If you meet a sectary, or a hostile partisan, never recognize the dividing lines; but meet on what common ground remains,—if only that the sun shines, and the rain rains for both; the area will widen very fast, and ere you know it the boundary mountains, on which the eye had fastened, have melted into air.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    ... it is use, and use alone, which leads one of us, tolerably trained to recognize any criterion of grace or any sense of the fitness of things, to tolerate ... the styles of dress to which we are more or less conforming every day of our lives. Fifty years hence they will seem to us as uncultivated as the nose-rings of the Hottentot seem today.
    Elizabeth Stuart Phelps (1844–1911)

    My children have taught me things. Things I thought I knew. The most profound wisdom they have given me is a respect for human vulnerability. I have known that people are resilient, but I didn’t appreciate how fragile they are. Until children learn to hide their feelings, you read them in their faces, gestures, and postures. The sheer visibility of shyness, pain, and rejection let me recognize and remember them.
    Shirley Nelson Garner (20th century)