Palestinian may refer to:

  • Something of, from, or related to the geographic region of Palestine, the declared State of Palestine, or the "Palestinian territories" (i.e., West Bank and Gaza Strip)
  • People residing in the above (or wishing to), such as:
    • Palestinian people
    • Palestinian Christians, i.e., Christians with ethnic or family origins in Palestine,
    • Palestinian Jews, a Jewish inhabitant of Palestine throughout certain periods of history
  • Palestinian Arabic, a dialect of the Arabic language

See also:

  • Demographics of Palestine
  • Demographics of the Palestinian territories
  • Palestinian diaspora
  • Palestinian refugee
  • Culture of Palestine
  • For specific persons, see List of Palestinians

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Economy Of The Palestinian Territories - History - West Bank, 2007-2011
... The first planned Palestinian city named Rawabi will be built north of Ramallah, with the help of funds from Qatar ... for tracking goods coming in and out of the area, launched in August 2009 by Palestinian customs in partnership with the United Nations Conference on ... Olives of Peace is a joint Israeli-Palestinian business venture to sell olive oil ...
Economy Of The Palestinian Territories - History - East Jerusalem
... According to Hanna Siniora of the Palestinian-American Chamber of Commerce, the turning point was 1993 ... levels of poverty, with 80% of the Palestinian population living below the poverty line ... but has severely restricted development and building for the Palestinian population ...
Estimates Of The Palestinian Refugee Flight Of 1948
... lists the various interim and final United Nations estimates for the number of Palestinian people who fled or were expelled from the area that became ... It also provides other interim and final estimates for the number of Palestinian refugees for that period ...
Plan Dalet - Execution
... by the principal Jewish authorities, had a deep impact on the morale of the Palestinian population ... Palestinian society was shaken ... Haifa, Safed, Beisan, Jaffa and Acre fell, resulting in the flight of more than 250,000 Palestinians ...
... The Palestinian national anthem ("My Redemption" Arabic فدائي‎ Fidāʼī ), is the national anthem of the Palestinian National Authority ... It was adopted by the Palestinian Liberation Organization in 1996, in accordance with Article 31 of the Palestinian Declaration of Independence from 1988 ... composed by Egyptian maestro Ali Ismael, and it was known as the "anthem of the Palestinian redemption" ...

Famous quotes containing the word palestinian:

    I have told my husband that if he denies women equality, I will be in the vanguard of women on the streets, protesting outside his office in the new Palestinian state.
    Suha Tawil (b. 1963)