Recce ( /ˈrɛkiː/) may refer to:

  • Reconnaissance, military scouting
  • SEAL Recon Rifle, a rifle used by US Navy SEALs also called the Recce Rifle
  • Recce (film), a pre-shoot reconnaissance of a film location
  • South African Special Forces Brigade, nicknamed the Recces

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Cavalry Corps (Ireland) - Cavalry Tasks
... ISTAR CBRN Recce Obstacle Recce Route Recce Patrolling Scouting OP Screen CTR Control Measure Security Marking Location Recce Security/Protective Screens Advance and Rear Guard Counter Recce ...
Malaysian Royal Armoured Corps - Malayan Special Force in Congo
... Both 1 Recce and 2 Recce served with the Malayan Special Force under UN Command in the Congo ... Squadron with the “D” Squadrons from 1 Recce and 2 Recce ...
M1127 Reconnaissance Vehicle - General
... The recce troop is organized into a headquarters section, a mortar section and three recce platoons ... Each of the recce platoons is organized with four Stryker reconnaissance vehicles, mounting either an M2.50 cal or a Mk 19 40mm grenade launcher the lead truck mounts a long range advance scout ... Each recce squad in the platoon has assigned a human intelligence collector (35M HUMINT) ...
Variants - ASCOD SV
... The first, Recce Block 1 comprises four variants Scout Recce Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) Recovery Repair These vehicles are the replacements for CVR(T) Scimitar ... Recce Block 2 is expected to include ambulance, engineer reconnaissance and command control replacements for CVR(T) Samaritan and Sultan ...
Hungarian Ground Forces - Military Equipment
... laser rangefinder 15/80 binocular PSZNR-5 recce locator FMG 68 decontamination vehicle VSBRDM 2 ABC recce vehicle SSM-1 chemical marker IH-95 radiation level and contamination meter CAM radiation level ...