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Brabham BT55 - Concept
... The rear wing of a Formula One car creates much of its downforce, but its effectiveness is reduced by the bodywork in front of it disturbing the flow of air ... to package to allow a good flow of air to the rear wing ... very low bodywork that would allow a large supply of air to reach the rear wing undisturbed and create more downforce ...
2011 Formula One Season - Rule Changes
... Drag Reduction System (DRS), an adjustable rear wing designed to increase straight line speed, was introduced in the 2011 rules ... and is designed to aid overtaking by negating all downforce flowing over the rear wing ... deactivate when the driver first touches the brakes after using the rear wing ...
Boyd-Harvey House
... original house is believed to have been constructed in the 1820s or 1830s, with a rear wing added later ... Both the original house and the rear wing are constructed of brick, with a corbelled brick cornice above ... The original house has a hip roof, and the rear wing has a gable roof ...
History Of Formula One Regulations - 2000 To 2010: Excess Gives Way To Sustainability
... race, minimum size of engine cover and rear wing end plates set to maximise advertising space, multi element rear wings banned and two element wings mandated, launch control banned for the second time. 2005 Rear diffuser size reduced to limit downforce, all engines now required to last two race weekends, qualifying format changed to two aggregate times from Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning to count towards grid. 2007 Tuned mass damper system banned, rev limit of 19,000 rpm introduced, rear wing structure strengthened to prevent flexing, increased strength required from rear crash structure, single tyre supplier (Bridgesto ...
Porsche 911 - Water-cooled Engines (1998–present) - 997 Series (2005–2011) - 997 GT3 RS
... on the body and chassis of the 911 Carrera 4 and Turbo, and accordingly has a wider rear track for better cornering characteristics on the track ... The plastic rear deck lid is topped by a wide carbon-fiber rear wing ... The European version of the RS is fitted with lightweight plexiglass rear windows and a factory-installed roll cage ...

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