Ratho Station

Ratho Station is a suburb of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. It is located south of Edinburgh Airport; the community has a population of approximately 600. About 300 houses are within the village limit. The name derives from the closed railway station of the same name, which in 1917 was the site of a rail crash which killed 12 people. The local primary school is Hillwood Primary School, which replaced the now closed Newbridge Primary School in 1972. Catchment areas include Ratho Station, Lochend, Newbridge, Gogar and Ingliston. The village is served by one primary shop, Scotmid or Co-op Foodhall as it was called when first opened. When first created Ratho Station also had its own post office and police station. Both have now closed, with Newbridge being the location for the nearest post office. A large amount of warehousing and industry is located along the Queen Anne Drive, with notable businesses such as Chivas Regal and Racal. The village lies under the flight path of planes very close to Edinburgh Airport and there is a strict height restriction on building. Two modern office buildings on the main road to the south-west do, however, stretch this height restriction to its limit. In 2009 a piece of witty graffiti appeared on the sign at the beginning of the village that read "Ratho Station, You'll Never Leave", in allusion to the then popular TV series " The League of Gentlemen".

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    [T]here is no situation so deplorable ... as that of a gentlewoman in real poverty.... Birth, family, and education become misfortunes when we cannot attain some means of supporting ourselves in the station they throw us into. Our friends and former acquaintances look on it as a disgrace to own us.... If we were to attempt getting our living by any trade, people in that station would think we were endeavoring to take their bread out of their mouths.
    Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)