Qurban - On Whom Is Sacrifice Compulsory

On Whom Is Sacrifice Compulsory

The statements below need sources. While in some forms of Hajj, the sacrifice becomes mandatory or compulsory, there is debate on whether it is Wajib or Nafl with Imam Abu Hanifah maintaining it is Wajib and other jurists opining it is Nafl.

  • Every sane (sound of mind) adult Muslim male and female that has reached puberty. A person may perform the obligation on behalf of another sane adult person provided it is with their permission. A person is required to make a separate sacrifice on behalf of himself and for others that he may sacrifice for.
  • A person owns 613.35g silver (19.71 troy ounces silver) and/ or 87.48g of gold or its value in cash or kind
  • Is resident in his home town and not on journey

Sacrifice of an animal is a compulsory obligation every year on the occasion of Eid al-Adha and not a once in a lifetime duty. Qurbani

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