Question Mark (aircraft)

Question Mark (aircraft)

Question Mark ("?") was a modified Atlantic-Fokker C-2A airplane flown by aviators of the United States Army Air Corps to experiment with aerial refueling. It was used to establish new world records in aviation for sustained flight (heavier-than-air), refueled flight, sustained flight (lighter-than-air), and distance. The records were established between January 1 and January 7, 1929, in a non-stop flight of more than 150 hours near Los Angeles, California.

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Question Mark (aircraft) - Followup Efforts and Legacy
... California, he was refueled in flight by C-1s and Boeing Model 40 aircraft ... The flight of the QuestionMark inspired a rash of projects to break the endurance record ... In 1929 alone 40 flights were attempted, all by civilians, and nine succeeded in surpassing QuestionMark's record ...

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