Quechua Loanwords - Words From Tupi–Guaraní Languages

Words From Tupi–Guaraní Languages

Agouti †
from TupiGuaraní akutí, via French and Spanish.
Cashew †
from Tupí acaîu, via Portuguese caju.
Capybara †
from Guaraní kapibári.
Cayenne †
from Tupí kyinha.
Cougar †
ultimately corrupted from Guaraní guaçu ara.
Jaguar †
from Tupinambá /jaˈwar-/, via Portuguese.
Jaguarundi †
from Guaraní.
Maraca †
from Tupí maraka
Macaw †
via Portuguese Macau from Tupi macavuana, which may be the name of a type of palm tree the fruit of which the birds eat.
Manioc †
from Tupinambá /maniˈʔok-/.
Petunia †
from Tupí petun 'smoke'
Piranha †
from Tupí.
Tapioca †
from Tupinambá /tɨpɨˈʔok-a/, "juice squeezed out".
Tapir †
from Tupinambá /tapiˈʔir-/.
Toucan †
from Tupinambá /tuˈkan-/, via Portuguese and French.

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