Quattro (Italian for Four) may refer to:

  • Audi Quattro, a model of car
  • quattro (four wheel drive system), an Audi trademark
  • quattro GmbH, an Audi private subsidiary company
Computing and computer games
  • Quattro Adventure, a collection of 4 games released for the NES in 1993
  • Quattro and Quattro Pro, spreadsheet applications
  • The Microsoft codename for the Windows Home Server
  • Adept Quattro Robot, a pick-and-place robot made by Adept Technology
  • Quattro, a range of four-bladed razors from Wilkinson Sword (sold in the U.S. under the Schick brand)
  • Quattro Vageena or Quattro Bageena, an alias of Char Aznable in the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series
  • Quattrocento, the cultural and artistic events of 15th century Italy
  • Quattro, a character in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers
  • Southern Skies Quattro, an American paramotor

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Numbers (Nanoha) - Specifics - Quattro
... Quattro (クアットロ, Kuattoro?) Voiced by Chiwa Saito Role ECM and Illusionist Position Combat Information Control (CIC) Equipment Silver Cape Aerial Capacities Flight capable only (not meant for ... intelligence processing-type to support Uno, Quattro was eventually upgraded with illusionary and ECM capacities at some point during her ten years of service to boost her ... Quattro differs a lot from her sisters when it comes to her own personal opinions, especially those regarding Lutecia ...
Audi Nuvolari Quattro
... The Audi Nuvolari quattro (also known as the Audi Lisvina) was a concept car created by German automobile maker Audi ... of three concept cars designed by Audi and shown in 2003, after the Pikes Peak quattro and ahead of the Le Mans quattro ... The Nuvolari quattro had a 5.0 L twin-turbocharged V10 Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI) engine rated at 441 kW (600 PS 591 bhp) ...
Audi Le Mans Quattro
... The Audi Le Mans quattro was a sports car styled concept car, developed by Audi, for presentation at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show, as a result of Audi's three successive wins at the arduous 24 Hours of ... final concept car designed by Audi in 2003, following the Pikes Peak quattro and Nuvolari quattro ... Audi subsidiary quattro GmbH subsequently decided to produce the Audi Le Mans quattro as a production road car, calling it the Audi R8, naming it after their very ...
Audi A1 - Concept Cars - A1 Clubsport Quattro
... In May 2011, the A1 clubsport quattro concept car was shown at the Wörthersee event ... "blister"-style extended wheelarches reminiscent of the Audi Quattro and minimal, lightweight interior trim ... The production version of the A1 quattro was tested by Autocar magazine on MIRA's wet handling track alongside a Nissan GT-R the A1 recorded lap time over five seconds faster than ...
Audi Le Mans Quattro - Design and Technical
... The Audi Le Mans Quattro has a number of high-tech features, including the headlights which are composed entirely of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) ... The Le Mans quattro featured the magneto rheological dampers, also installed in the latest Audi TT, which gives the car a firmer and more responsive drive and improved handling ... In Audi tradition, the car features quattro permanent four-wheel drive to optimise traction and handling ...