Qara Yusuf

Abu Nasr Qara Yusuf Nuyan ibn Muhammad was the ruler of the Kara Koyunlu or Black Sheep Turkomans from c.1388 to 1420, although his reign was interrupted by the Timurid invasion (1400–05).

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Qara Yusuf - The Conquest of Baghdad
... The agreement between Ahmad and Qara Yusuf did not last ... However in August 1410 Qara Yusuf defeated him, and captured and executed him and his son Ala al-Daula ... Ahmad’s nephew Sultan Valad briefly succeeded him but in 1412 Qara Yusuf captured Baghdad, and installed a Kara Koyunlu line of rulers there, effectively ending the ...
Timeline Of 14th Century Muslim History - 14th Century (1301–1400) (700 AH – 803 AH)
1307 In Morocco, the Marinid Sultan Abu Yaqub Yusuf is assassinated Abu Thabit accedes to the throne ... His brother Abul Hallaj Yusuf accedes to the throne ... In Granada, Abu Hallaj Yusuf is assassinated his son Muhammad V succeeds him ...
Ahmad (Jalayirids) - Conflict With Timur
... left the city and requested the assistance of the Black Sheep under Qara Yusuf ... later in 1402 with the Black Sheep Turkmen ruler Qara Yusuf, who had also sought refuge with the Ottomans ... Their friendship, however, did not last, and Qara Yusuf expelled Ahmad from the city ...