A puzzlehunt is a puzzle game where teams compete to solve a series of puzzles at a particular site, in multiple sites and/or via the internet. Groups of puzzles in a puzzle hunt are often connected by a metapuzzle, leading to answers which combine into a final set of solutions. Some famous annual puzzlehunts are:

  • the MIT Mystery Hunt (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA),
  • the Melbourne University Mathematics & Statistics Society (MUMS) puzzlehunt (Melbourne, Australia),
  • the Sydney University Maths Society (SUMS) puzzlehunt (Sydney, Australia),
  • the TMOU (Brno, Czech Republic), and many others, the calendar to be found here:
  • the Microsoft Puzzle Hunt (Redmond, Washington, USA),
  • the Miami Herald's Tropic Hunt (Miami, Florida, USA),
  • the Washington Post's Post Hunt (Washington, DC, USA),
  • the Maze of Games (Indianapolis, Indiana and Columbus, Ohio, USA).

College puzzlehunts include the aforementioned MIT Mystery Hunt as well as:

  • PuzzleCrack (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
  • College Puzzle Challenge (Multiple Locations, North America), hosted by Microsoft as a recruiting event on college campuses.

Sometimes, the prize for winning a puzzlehunt is to create the next one.

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