• (adj): Of or relating to or characteristic of Prussia or its inhabitants.
    Example: "Prussian officers"; "Prussian aristocracy"
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Prussian Union Of Churches - History - Protestant Churches in Prussia's New Provinces
... Only on 1 January 1899 the congregations became an integral part of the Prussian state church ... After the trouble with the Old Lutherans in pre-1866 Prussia, the Prussian government refrained from imposing the Prussian Union onto the church bodies in these territories ... reconciliation of the Lutheran majority of the citizens in the annexed states with their new Prussian citizenship was not to be further complicated by religious ...
Edward And Henry Schnell
... enforced opening of Yokohama to foreign trade, Edward, who in the 1850s had served in the Prussian Army and spoke Malay, must have arrived in Japan not later than 1862, as he had a 7 ... After much diplomatic wrangling the Prussian consul, realising that he had not the necessary military means, backed up and left it to the appropriate authorities ...
Battle Of Dybbøl - Battle
... On the morning of 18 April 1864 at Dybbøl, the Prussians moved into their positions at 0200 am ... the Prussian artillery bombardment stopped and the Prussians charged through shelling from the Rolf Krake which did not prove enough to halt them ... Thirteen minutes after the charge, the Prussian infantry had already seized control of the first line of defence of the redoubts ...
Prussian Blue (color) - Uses - Analytical Chemistry
... Prussian blue is formed in the Prussian blue assay for total phenols ... The ferric chloride and ferrocyanide react to form Prussian blue ...
Mission-type Tactics - Origins
... After the heavy defeat of the Prussians in the Battle of Jena-Auerstedt by Napoleon in 1806, the Prussians rethought their military approach and aimed to build a ... The institutionalization of excellence within the Prussian Army was to build this same flexibility as well as the other role of the General Staff Officer, which was to make sure ... was at the Battle of Königgrätz in the Austro-Prussian War ...

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  • (noun): A German inhabitant of Prussia.