Property Qualifications

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Voting Rights In The United States - Removal of Exclusions - African Americans and Poor Whites
... At the time of ratification of the Constitution, most states used property qualifications to restrict the franchise the exact amount varied by state, but by some ... In some states, free men of color (though the property requirement in New York was eventually dropped for whites but not for blacks) also possessed the vote ... of those States, but such of them as had the other necessary qualifications possessed the franchise of electors, on equal terms with other citizens ...
British Guiana - History of The Colony - Administration
... Property qualifications were significantly relaxed for voters and for candidates for the Courts ... in 1943 a majority of the Legislative Council seats became elective, the property qualifications for voters and for candidates for the Council were lowered, and the bar on women and clergy serving on the Council was ... Universal adult suffrage was instituted, and the property qualifications for office abolished ...
Early Irish Law - Substantive Law - Status - Change in Status
... If three consecutive generations—grandfather, father, and son—had the property qualifications of a lord, or the poetic qualifications of a higher level poet, etc ... who did not have the proper qualifications, did not have that status ... themselves, assuming they had the proper qualifications, even if their father did not ...

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    We do not deride the fears of prospering white America. A nation of violence and private property has every reason to dread the violated and the deprived.
    June Jordan (b. 1939)