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Money Game (The Price Is Right) - Retired Games - P - Professor Price
... from zero to nine, was also contained in the price of the car ... A large animatronic puppet dubbed Professor Price was central to the game ... The contestant's progress was tracked by the professor's hands correct answers were counted by upward-pointing fingers on the puppet's right hand and incorrect answers ...
Antikythera Mechanism - Investigations and Reconstructions - Allan George Bromley
... Professor Allan Bromley, a computer scientist of the University of Sydney improved on Price's reconstruction with the help of Frank Percival ... Professor Bromley took up the mystery of the computer where Price left off ... He tested Price's theory of how the device worked by building a model of the main gear train with Meccano parts ...

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    ... work is only part of a man’s life; play, family, church, individual and group contacts, educational opportunities, the intelligent exercise of citizenship, all play a part in a well-rounded life. Workers are men and women with potentialities for mental and spiritual development as well as for physical health. We are paying the price today of having too long sidestepped all that this means to the mental, moral, and spiritual health of our nation.
    Mary Barnett Gilson (1877–?)

    You’ll admit there’s always the possibility of some employee becoming disgruntled over some fancied injustice. Dissatisfaction always leads to temptation. There’s always purchasers for valuable secrets.
    —Joseph O’Donnell. Clifford Sanforth. Donald Jordan, Murder by Television, trying to bribe Perry into revealing Professor Houghland’s secret (1935)