Private Member's Bill - Canada - Passed - After The 1986 Rules

After The 1986 Rules

The new rules took effect in 1986. In the 24 years between Nov. 5, 1984 and Sep. 7, 2008, 81 private member’s bills passed. Passage was (and is) more likely during the periods of minority governments in Canada. The ramifications of the 1986 rules and new probability of success of private members bills were discussed in the Canadian Parliamentary Review, 1988, Vol 11, No. 3.

  • NDP MP Lynn McDonald succeeded in getting her private member's bill, the "Non-smokers' Health Act" (aka Bill C-204), passed in 1986, (given Royal Assent on June 28, 1988) restricting smoking in federally-regulated workplaces and on airplanes, trains and ships. The bill was passed in a free vote of the House of Commons despite being voted against by all members of the federal cabinet, including the Minister of Health.

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