Prisons of The Reign of Terror

Prisons of the Reign of Terror indicates a process set up under the Reign of Terror, inaugurated after the lawsuit of the dantonists, then set up in a systematic manner, after the vote of the Law of 22 Prairial (Loi de Prairial). There were several "crimes against humanity", given that the expression indicates neither rebellion nor mutiny, but a concerted plan of physical elimination of innocent prisoners without due process of the law. Some of these manufactured "conspiracies" considered to be criminal, in year III (1795) failed (Abbaye de Port-Royal), others envisaged were prempted because of the events of Thermidor 9, and others still, found their completion 19, 21–22, and 25 messidor, 5–6, and 8 Thermidor year II (7, 9–10, 13, 23–24, and 26 July 1794). Maximilien Robespierre, Saint-Just and Couthon, contrary to one Convention thermidorienne, did share this: they are entirely the work of the Committee of General Security, in connection with some members of the Committee of Public Safety, and particularly Bertrand Barère who said to the Convention: "the committee took its measurements and in two months the prisons will be evacuated".

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