Princess Gwenevere and The Jewel Riders

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders (PGJR, also known as Starla & the Jewel Riders and sometimes also misspelled as "Princess Guinevere") is an American 1995 children's fantasy cartoon series produced by Bohbot Productions (later BKN) and Hasbro with association with Hong Ying Animation. Each episode was constructed as an animated minimusical, aimed at children aged four and older. Internationally syndicated by Bohbot Entertainment, the international version has the title character renamed to Starla.

Jewel Riders is inspired by the Arthurian myths and in many ways similar to The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers and both the series had the same creator and director (and co-writer), Robert Mandell, as well as some of its writers, notably Christopher Rowley. The show also came in the wake of Bohbot's earlier take on the Arthurian legend, King Arthur and the Knights of Justice, and shares similarities with the magical girl sub-genre of anime and to some preceding American cartoons. It also later became the basis for the novel series Avalon: Web of Magic.

The show's action is set in what is traditionally King Arthur's resting place in the legend, the island of Avalon, here portrayed as a fairy tale style utopia that keeps its magical energies in check with the aid of the seven royal Crown Jewels. The plot follows the quest of Avalon's young princess Gwenevere (Starla) and her friends Fallon and Tamara to secure enchanted gemstone jewels, restore harmony in magic and bring their mentor Merlin home. They also need to defeat Gwen's wicked aunt, Lady Kale, who wants to take over Avalon. In the second season, the Jewel Riders receive more powers and new costumes. A new villain, Morgana, is introduced in addition to Kale, as is a new set of magical jewels to find. In the original version of the show, the title character has her name similar with Arthur's wife, Guinevere; other Arthurian characters in the show include Merlin and Lady of the Lake. There is a special emphasis on the "power of friendship", which enables the titular Jewel Riders, the three adolescent girl defenders of this enchanted kingdom, to overcome their evil adversaries.

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