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Emperor Wu Of Han - Biography - Late Reign and Death
... Even after Jiang Chong and Prince Ju both died, however, the witchcraft affairs would continue ... were often false accusations, especially in relation to the Crown Prince rebellion ... that Emperor Gao told him in a dream that Prince Ju should have only been whipped at most, not killed, Emperor Wu had a revelation about what happened, and he had Su burned and Jiang's family executed ...
Liu Ju - Being Forced Into Rebellion
... In the same year, the witchcraft investigations would ensnare Crown Prince Ju and not allow him to escape ... One of the conspirators against Prince Ju would be Jiang Chong (江充), the head of the secret intelligence, who once had a run-in with Prince Ju after ... was Emperor Wu's guard Su Wen (蘇文), who had falsely accused Prince Ju of committing adultery with Emperor Wu's junior concubines ...
Emperor Xuan Of Han - Family Background and Early Life - Parentage, Disaster, and A Barely Spared Young Life
... Liu Bingyi was born in 91 BC to Liu Jin, the son of then-Crown Prince Liu Ju, and his wife Consort Wang ... As the grandson of the Crown Prince, Bingyi likely was born in Prince Ju's palace ... conspirators accusing him of using witchcraft against his father Emperor Wu, Prince Ju was forced into a rebellion, which was defeated ...

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