Prince Gong (Qing Dynasty)

Prince Gong (Qing Dynasty)

Yixin (Manchu: ᡳ ᡥᡳᠨ I Hin; 11 January 1833 - 29 May 1898), better known as Prince Gong (or Prince Kung in Wades-Giles) or formally Prince Gong of the First Rank (恭親王), was a prince and statesman of the Qing Dynasty. He was the sixth son of the Daoguang Emperor and a half brother of Daoguang's successor, the Xianfeng Emperor. He served as regent during the reign of Xianfeng's son and successor, the Tongzhi Emperor. Having established the Zongli Yamen (a government body in charge of foreign affairs) in 1861, Yixin is best remembered as a proponent of maintenance of friendly relations between the Qing government and the foreign powers, as well as for his attempts to modernise China in the late 19th century. Commonly referred to as the "Sixth Prince" (六王爺) in his time, Yixin was nicknamed "Devil Number Six" (鬼子六) by conservatives in the Qing imperial court, in reference to his frequent contacts with westerners (gweilo; literally "foreign devils", a colloquialism for westerners).

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