Prediabetes is the state in which some but not all of the diagnostic criteria for diabetes are met. It is often described as the “gray area” between normal blood sugar and diabetic levels.

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Prediabetes - Epidemiology
... Studies conducted from 1988-1994 indicated that at that time, of the US population 40–74 years of age, 33.8% had IFG, 15.4% had IGT, and 40.1% had prediabetes (IFG, IGT, or both) ... Eighteen million people (6.3% of the population) had type 2 diabetes in 2002 ...
Metformin - Medical Uses - Prediabetes
... It is unclear whether metformin slowed down the progression of prediabetes to diabetes (true preventive effect), or the decrease of diabetes in the treated population was simply due to ...
Tolbutamide - History
... by 1962, was being touted by Upjohn salesmen as means of detecting prediabetes in that an abnormal response to Orinase following administration of cortisone in a "stress test ... in Orinase as a treatment for their newly diagnosed prediabetes ... By that point, prediabetes had become a diagnosable and treatable condition which had dramatically increased the market for Orinase ...