Postcranial Skeleton

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Djadochta Formation - Fauna - Saurischians
... ukhaana Ukhaa Tolgod "Partial postcranial skeleton." A basal ornithurine bird only known from this formation Archaeornithoides A ... osmolskae Ukhaa Tolgod "Skeleton with skull, partial postcranium, embryo to adult." An oviraptorid found brooding its eggs Citipati sp Zamyn Khondt An ... mckennai Ukhaa Tolgod " skeletons with skulls." An oviraptorid Kol K ...
Paleobiota of The Dashanpu Formation - Theropods
... Sichuan Lower Shaximiao Formation "Postcranial skeleton." Kaijiangosaurus K ... qianweiensis Sichuan Upper Shaximiao Formation One fairly complete skeleton and an isolated femur Sinraptor S ... "yandonensis" Sichuan Upper Shaximiao Formation CV 00214, a partial postcranial skeleton lacking the skull A nomen nudum ...

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    Grammar is a tricky, inconsistent thing. Being the backbone of speech and writing, it should, we think, be eminently logical, make perfect sense, like the human skeleton. But, of course, the skeleton is arbitrary, too. Why twelve pairs of ribs rather than eleven or thirteen? Why thirty-two teeth? It has something to do with evolution and functionalism—but only sometimes, not always. So there are aspects of grammar that make good, logical sense, and others that do not.
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